Launch a beautiful website and blog in days not months even if you're not techy.
Join the blog cure and not only have a stunning website you can't break but know exactly what to write that people will actually read.

The Blog cure not only will teach you how to make a beautiful website but it will make sure you have a years worth of content on the ready so you're never wondering what do I write next.

Imagine building a website & blog you can't break and knowing what to write on it.
This is so much more than what to blog about. Don't get me wrong you'll definitely have so many blog ideas from "The Blog Cure" 

The blog cure, blog course has everything you need to create a beautiful traffic producing blog in days not months

"You're the first person who's created headlines that aren't just for people who blog about blogging! I can use some of these!".
-Amy (blog cure student)
The blog cure, blog course has everything you need to create a beautiful traffic producing blog in days not months.
Get the exact blog strategy that I use to land clients and be booked out
Whether or not you are going to have services or not, you will still be making a stunning website and a traffic

producing blog quickly and easily even if you break tech. 

You don't need to worry anymore because you'll finally have a strategy that's to easy not to continue to rinse and repeat... 

The Blog Cure Will Help You....
Build a Wordpress Website in a Day

That's right. All because there's a shortcut to creating any website and I show you how to create a beautiful site in minutes.

Have a year's worth of weekly content

No longer scratch your head, or do those "market research" posts because this resource was made to pull out your genius.

Change the game with social media strategy

Tired of figuring out what to post? Where to post and how to make it all match? This one's for you, you savvy influencer, or soon to be.

Let's get you a year's worth of content now

Imagine having a content strategy that you create once and all you have to do is stay in your genius zone while, your blog drives all the right traffic, right where you want it. To your website, products or services. 

How does that sound?

"extremely helpful for people like me who are visual Learners"

I'm loving it! I'm still learning Trello but it's amazing thus far. Very informative and extremely helpful for people like me who are

visual Learners! ~Lee Jackson

You can get much more done in less time! - Darianna

The confidence that you have unlocked in me is necessary. I've got the goods and the knowledge I just couldn't figure out how to approach monetizing in a meaningful way. - Danielle

I've been where you are, struggling with content, figuring out SEO, how in the world do I make a gorgeous design, and what do I do after I hit publish?

I know how frustrating it is to be stuck.....

Grab this FULL suite blogging course.

 And start having a strategy you are proud of. No more second guessing if your strategy is working. You'll see the results right away from your dashboard and you get all that analytical stats immediately. I walk you through all of that inside the Blog Cure.

 After your purchase, you'll get instant access to The Blog Cure and you can immediately start taking action towards building a content strategy that easily & effortlessly integrates with social media. It's like magically having a little designer and strategic marketer in your back pocket

Imagine never having to worry about your next post

Imagine, being able to plug and play your content that you or your team can just knock out fast without any extra time wondering what to post or where?

No more struggling to decide on that next blog post. 

 No more wasting time figuring out the difference between a domain and hosting.

No more scrolling endlessly on social and wanting a blog like hers, or him or they, or them or people. You get it.

No more second guessing if blogging is for you. Oh it is! You feel it in your gellies don't you?

No more having to read another sales page on blogging, this is it!  (Unless I drop another and I'll send it to you asap, just drop your info below :)

And p.s. you don't have to bang out a book for each post just to make it "juicy" no more wondering how long it should be!

Good News, this is your moment and your time

Who is The Blog Cure For?

If your a service provider looking to engage your audience with your content..

If you sell digital products but don't know how to tie them into a blog post...

If you are a blogger who wants to sharpen your skills...

If you just want to build a better looking designer website, this one's for you...

If your a SAHM and you want to post milestones of your lil cuties...awwww... 


You just want to do something creative that fills you up...

If you are ready to break free from fomo...

The Blog Cure was made for you.

Are you the kind of person who...

Values time saving resources and a proven method with a step by step approach

Is self motivated, and ready to dig in.

Takes incredible, imperfect action towards your goal

Is a self starter and digs in to good content like its candy?

Desires connection with others also on this blog adventure

Values your time and others time

If you've said "YES" To any of , then you are exactly who this course is for.

It's time to say "YES" to your 'blog' dreams.
Meet the Creator

"I have used Linda’s templates I realize that you can get much more done in LESS TIME." - Darianna

Let's effortlessly add a robe to our attire
I'm just a coffee drinking, robe wearing, award winning, web designing mama who's tryin to teach you how to blog in your pj's like me.  Let's make this the go to attire in today's society. On my off days I try to dress up nice. But 9 out of 10 days I'm in my 'everything is possible with coffee' t-shirt & those glorious coveted yoga pants. On cold days I robe it up. I'm versatile.
I've been seen on places like...
Let's get back to business....blogging business.
What's Inside The Blog Cure?

The Blog Cure is everything you need to start, launch, style & grow an audience generating blog that has the potential to land you clients and get you sales! This action packed workshop series and digital asset bundle is all you need to help you start, flourish, grow a blog consistently, bang out audience attracting posts each week, and have it styled beautifully, quickly & easily.

1 year's worth of Prompts Calendar

This strategic Trello Board is going to make those writer block days long forgotten. No more tumbleweed ideas, you got a Plug-n-Play system to help you get through your blogging adventure!

Build a beautiful Wordpress Website!

Say word! 

You'll have checklists, that'll take you step by step on what you need to brand, design and launch your beautiful website and start your blog. Yes a blog is a website. :)

The Blog Cure's Secret Sauce to SEO

Get my proven green light system for SEO. Don't ever have to be intimidated by the term ever again. This simple to apply easy to amplify system will have you searchable and found on the interwebs.

Brand & Design slay that blog!

I take you through a very cool process on how to brand any website, any idea! Knock out beautifully designed pages in minutes!

It's all about those Techy tools that make it smooth

Private FB Community

Want to connect with others who are also blogging their hearts out? Come on over to our collective.
As they say. If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together!

And so much more!

Seriously check out the bonuses just keep scrollin!

But wait, there's more! This one's a real screamer...
Special Limited Bonus!
The Blog Cure Workshop

Because of my Blog I've been given the opportunity of being invited to many speaking platforms and I share with you my secret sauce on why opportunities come to me as oppose to me chasing after them! 

This workshop will help you understand the strategy that should go behind each blog post for that extra impact!

This workshop will help you go over the best and affordable platforms to get started great for novices and experts!

This workshop goes over how strategically sold my products and offers using my blog and you can too!

FB Group Starter Kit

Quickly build impact by calling out to your tribe and having your own private community around your brand, blog or business!

Will help you start your FB group 

Canva Templates

A simple strategy on how to manage your FB community that saves you time & money!

12 styled for you Mockups

Selling PDFs? Digital courses? Want to? Here's 12 mockups to help display your goods! 

These are simple to design templates for your creative side.

7 Pinnable Graphics

These easy to plug-n-play templates will help further your blogs reach!

Join today and you'll also get these limited time bonuses:

The Blog Cure's Build an irresistible Blog Workshop

The Blog Cure's FB Group Starter Kit Trello Board

Social Media Content Planner * NEW

12 Styled for you Mockups

7 Styled Pinnable Graphics

Social Media Content Trello Board *NEW

Let's Recap... Here's Everything You're Getting Today!
Imagine never having to worry if your website is looking good because you got the tools to slay with the sleek design options & strategies inside.

Trello Blog Content Calendar (Value $97)

Wordpress Step by step wrkbk (Value $97)

Secret Sauce to SEO (Value $97)

WebDesign Crash Course (Value $97)

BONUS: Stock photo swipe file (Value $97)

BONUS: Social Media Planner (Value $97)

BONUS: FB Group Trello Board (Value $97)

BONUS: 12plug-n-play Mockups(Value $97)

BONUS: 7 plug-n-play Graphics (Value $97)

BONUS: Blog Cure Workshop (Value $97)

BONUS: Private FB Community (priceless..)

BONUS: Social Media Trello Board ($97)

Grab The Blog Cure Today for ONLY $1,067 $37
(save $1030 Today)
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you decide if The Blog Cure is right for you?

  • When do I get access to The Blog Cure?
    Instantly! As soon as you purchase...
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Absolutely! You have 7 days to decide if it's for you or not. No questions asked money back guaranteed.
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes! I certainly do and would love for you to be apart of that.
  • What if I'm not a writer?
    The blog cure has been made specifically for you if you are looking to create a beautiful website, a content strategy that drives traffic to your current website or want to learn how to blog effectively and start off the right way. You don't need to write a whole book, it's as easy as a social media post but on your website.
  • I have 0 tech skills will this work for me?
    Absolutely! The Blog Cure was designed with you in mind. The Blog Cure is literally a step by step guide to build a beautiful website, and gain the tools to start a successful blog from the jump.
  • Is this only for Wordpress?
    Although much of the elements were made in WordPress there is still much of it you can use such as...
    Trello Blog Content Calendar (Value $97)
    FB Group Trello Board (Value $97)
    12plug-n-play Mockups(Value $97)
    7 plug-n-play Graphics (Value $97)
    Blog Cure Workshop (Value $97)
    Social Media Trello Board ($97)
    Social Media Planner (Value $97)
    Stock photo swipe file (Value $97)
    Private FB Community (priceless..)
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Imagine if all your blogging troubles were solved...

Imagine....being able to knock out a website in no time flat, without having to worry about what you need or how to make it purrty. :)

Imagine....knocking out blog posts like it's your side hustle and day job all into one! Is that a thing? It can be!

Imagine....being tech illiterate? Let's call you a divine tech master after taking this user friendly course. No need to hide your face with a sticky note, you'll want to show up with confidence.

Imagine....confidently setting your editorial calendar (oh, you fancy) and be ahead of the game! I give you all the plugin tools that make blogging fun and easy!

Imagine....sipping your latte in a cafe and all your friends can talk about is your blog and how you did it? Let's not have them suffering from fomo send them this Blog Cure link....Friends don't let other friends blog alone!

Imagine being able to shoot past those limiting beliefs because now your unlimited to what you can do on the web! Game changer!

Let's start your audience generating blog today!

 Thank you so much for stopping by and I can't wait to see you on the other side.